Emergency Procedure

Emergency Procedures 
The following standard precautions should be taken:
- If the vehicle is left unattended, ensure that the boot/trunk and doors are locked and windows closed. 
- Do not leave any articles visible in the vehicle. Lock all valuables in the boot/trunk.
-In order to feel relaxed and safe during your visit with us in Seychelles, we have compiled an easy step by step guide for you to follow, in the event of an emergency. 

Step 1 
- In the event of an accident do not move your vehicle, especially if involved with another vehicle.
- Only move the vehicle when a police officer has given permission and markings have been made on the road surface.
- Contact U-Drive Car Hire immediately. Our telephone numbers can be found on our key rings and display stickers on all our vehicles. 
- Take note of the area in which you are in noting landmarks and road signs which may make it easier for  us to locate you. 

Step 2  Please have the following information available when telephoning us:
- The registration number of the vehicle, located on the front and rear of the vehicle 
(this can also be found on the key ring.)
- Is the vehicle driveable?
- Are the wheels punctured or the rims damaged? 
- The exact location of the vehicle (street name, landmark etc)
- Your contact number
If you are unable to obtain help, try to stop a passing vehicle. Ask the driver to contact us as soon as possible, 
most local drivers in Seychelles carry mobile phones.
Step 3 
- Report the accident to the nearest police station.
Step 4  - Relax, stay calm, you can have peace of mind that our representatives will be with you as soon as possible.
- We will ensure that you are on your way speedily, whether this means bringing you another  vehicle (if available) or repairing the one you have rented.