Terms and Conditions

1. Daily Rental Rate Includes 
Unlimited Mileage 
Personal Accident Insurance 
Collection and Delivery Fee 
Contract Fee 
Baby seat – upon request (subject to availability) 
Map of Seychelles 
One Parking Coupon 
2. Daily Rental Rate Excludes  Fuel 
Traffic Fine Handling Fee - €15 
Windscreen, water and under-carriage damage to vehicle (if applicable) 
Non-waiverable excess for liability against damage or theft - €10 per day 
Young Driver fee - €5 per day ( if applicable) 
3. Young Driver 

Applies to renters under the age of 23, provided that they have been in possession of a valid
endorsed driver’s license for 3 years. 
A fee of €5 per day will be charged. 
4. Conditions of Rental 

Vehicles are rented subject to U-Drive Car Hire’s Standard Terms and Conditions as reflected on the Rental Agreement, which is subject to change without notice.


5. No Show Fee 
A no show fee of €30 will apply. 
6. Drivers Age  
Minimum age for drivers is 23 year 


7. Drivers License 

A valid driver’s license is required for all drivers. 

Extension of Rental  
If the renter wishes to extend the rental beyond the original date, authorization must be obtained from U-Drive Car Hire at the renters earliest to avoid disappointment. 
Failure to notify U-Drive Car Hire may result in the vehicle being reported stolen and penalties may be incurred. 
U-Drive Car Hire does not cover extended rental due to delayed flights caused by any airline,
it is the Renter’s responsibility to notify U-Drive Car Hire of any changes. A fee will be incurred for extra hours. 
8. Chauffeur Driven 
We provide chauffeur driven service on a request basis. Please contact us for more details 
9. Fuel

All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel and are requested to be returned as such,
If not, fuel will be charged at the discretion of U-Drive Car Hire. 
All our vehicles use unleaded fuel, which is available at all fuel stations around the island.  Fuel may not be purchased by credit card at fuel stations. 
10. Payment 

A valid voucher and credit card (for additional charges) must be produced at point of rental. 
Accepted credit cards are: Visa and Master Card. 

Please note: Debit cards are not accepted by U-Drive Car Hire – only the above mentioned credit cards.
11. Rental Requirements 
The client is required to supply the following :
Credit Card 
Name, address and telephone number 
Local contact details 
Driver’s license and passport 
Email address (if available) 
12. Traffic Fines 

Should the Renter disobey any traffic regulation resulting in a fine, such amounts will be debite to the client’s credit card. An additional handling fee of €15 will be levied. 
13. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) 
PAI is included in the rates. 
All the occupants in the vehicle are collectively covered for death. 
14. Insurance 
Insurance is third party. If a vehicle is damaged on a rental, the Renter is responsible for the
cost of repairs up to the amount of the excess liability, and this will be debited by U-Drive Car Hire from the Renter’s credit card. The excess liability is €1,000. 
The only items not covered are windscreens, water damage, under-carriage damage,
items/articles stolen/removed from U-Drive Car Hire’s vehicles.  U-Drive Car Hire is not responsible for any items/articles which may have been left in our vehicles. Should any items belonging to a Renter be found in a vehicle after termination of Rental Agreement, arrangements will be made to return them. 
Any costs incurred for the return of left items/articles will be for the account of the Renter. 


15. Gross Negligence 
Factors that could negate all cover: 
Gross or criminal negligence 
Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance(s) 
Unsuitable driving or road conditions 
Unauthorized persons driving the vehicle 
Not adhering to traffic, road and driving regulations 
Failure to obtain authorization from U-Drive Car Hire to extend the pre-booked rental 
Not reporting the loss to U-Drive Car Hire within 6 hours 
Not reporting the damage to U-Drive Car Hire immediately