Rental Agreement

On Renting a Vehicle from U-Drive Car Hire, you agree to the following
Terms & Conditions:

1. To pay any fines, charges, costs and taxes for any and all infringements of traffic, parking or
other laws for the vehicle, the Renter is responsible for during the term of rental. (link to item 13)


2. To use the vehicle and accessories in a proper and careful manner and only for social domestic pleasure and business purposes and excluding:
     - any race or competition or trial or 
     - use for hire or reward
     - drawing a trailer
     - illegal purposes or carriage of goods
     - driving by person who is under the influence of drink or drugs
     - use on the beach


3. To notify U-Drive Car Hire immediately of any accident (even if the vehicle is not damaged),fire or theft and to complete forthwith U-Drive Car Hire’s accident report form.


4. To pay in advance for hire at the rates applicable at time of hire.


5. Any loss of keys whilst the car is in the possession of the Renter will be directly responsible for, either through loss or theft. A delivery fee may also be levied for its replacement.


6. Any abnormal damage to tyres and rims other than a puncture will be the responsibility of the Renter.


7. To lock the vehicle when left unattended.


8. To return the vehicle to U-Drive Car Hire at the end of the hire at the designated place, in the same condition as it was in at the commencement of the hiring.


9. To inform the owner at least 12 Hrs before the end of the hire if he wants to extend it.
10. To restrict driving to persons named on the contract.


11. To pay the first 1,000€ of the cost of repairing the vehicle in the event of an accident, theft or other loss.


12. To pay for any fuel outstanding at the end of hire. 
U-Drive Car Hire will deliver the vehicle where you request either your hotel, airport on arrival, or at the harbour at no extra charge.


1. We provide baby seats at your request, at no extra charge.
2. There is unlimited mileage. 
3. The driver must be a minimum of 23 years old. 
4. Only two drivers per contract are permitted.
5. The vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel and is requested to be returned as such.


A credit card imprint is required for all Renters.